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Ultimate Neck Relief Portable Hammock Device OFFER

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Ultimate Neck Relief Portable Hammock Device OFFER

£28.97 £57.94 saving £28.97
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This Ultimate Neck Relief Device can relieve multiple neck issues. It stretches your neck through gentle cervical traction to relax your neck muscles while increasing blood flow and circulation.

Effective for tension headaches, neck pain, migraines, muscle pain due to poor sleep or neck stress because of bad sitting posture. It is an easier and more affordable way to improve your neck issues!

Easy Use & Perfect Size: Neck stretcher traction can be connected to any door, railing or pole in only one step, giving you the flexibility to use it anywhere, such as at home, office, school. It comes with a carry-on bag, and you can take it anywhere. Any man or women can use it no matter your weight or height, child or adult. It can be used by your whole family!

Healthier Material: Made of 100% premium cotton. Outside fabric is combed cotton that is softer and smoother than normal cottons which feels great.

10 Minutes a Day: Cervical neck pain relief devices complement massage and physical therapies very well. It works great for your entire body. It takes only 10 minutes every day to help relieve pain. It is perfect for men and women for the neck, back, and shoulders. Not only can it relieve these areas, but it can also effectively prevent symptoms. If you often use a computer, sit for prolonged periods, or work longs, this device will be very beneficial for your health and posture.

How it works:

- Gently stretches the neck muscles and surrounding areas.

- Creates expansion & reduces compression in the neck’s vertebral column, relaxes muscles.


- Promotes proper alignment and posture.

- Improves circulation.

- Alleviates pain and discomfort from compressed discs.

- Relieves tension headaches, pinched nerves, and overall nerve pressure.


- Clip the bungee cord onto both d-rings on each side of the head hammock.

- Loop one of the included straps around a doorknob, railing, pole, (or even a sturdy tree branch!), and simply clip the opposite side onto the bungee cord using the included carabiner.

- Comfortably position your head in the head hammock and lie back so that your head is elevated approximately 2-4 inches off the ground.