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Ultimate Electronic Acupuncture Pen Pain Relief Technology Set

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Ultimate Electronic Acupuncture Pen Pain Relief Technology Set

£28.97 £57.94 saving £28.97
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This Ultimate Acupuncture Pain Relief Pen Set utilises the fusion of modern technology coupled with a high quality massage pen to aid recovery and pain relief, bringing you relaxing sensations all around the face and body.

Quickly rejuvenate and relieve pain of your whole body, no matter where you are, with our portable Ultimate Acupuncture Massage Pen. No more need for manual labour or human contact, this pen will meet all your needs in terms of massage and pain relief using specially designed technology.

    Three Special Massage Heads: This electric massager pen comes with three massage heads - Dome Type, Node type and Spheroidal type

    • The Dome Type Massage Head rejuvenates the facial muscles and gives a relaxed and fair face
    • The Node Type Massage Head is designed to relieve pain quickly
    • The Spheroidal Type Massage Head effectively works on your body muscles that are immobilised, tense and contracted.

    Nine Power Levels: The device contains nine different power levels which can be used as per the required muscle treatment. The massage loosens stiff or frozen muscles, which results in quick pain relief and muscle relaxation. This specialised pen includes Auto-detection of the meridian energy points, adjustable sensitivity, intensity and frequency controls for a personalised treatment.

    Effective Chronic Pain Relief: With frequent use of this Electronic Massage Pen you will be able to reduce pain, boost your mood, relax, improve your skin condition, and prevent premature ageing. Perfect for health promotion. Simple operation, portable, easy to carry. Safe and effective, with no side effects.

    Multi-Function Application: This Electric Acupuncture Pen Trigger-Point Massager is helps with pain relief from chronic conditions such as arthritis and fibromyalgia. The effectiveness of this treatment is backed by both Chinese Traditional Medicine and Western Science. This device can help you look and feel younger, by stimulating the muscles of face and body.

    User-Friendly Service: Please contact with us if there are any problems or questions. We are committed to good customer experience. There are strict quality checks so you do not have to worry about buying from us. This is a portable hand held device, which is exceptionally easy to use. Perfect for pain relief, relaxation and muscle aches/recovery.



    • Size: 20 x 3 cm / 7.87" x 1.18" inches
    • Weight: 45g
    • Colour: Silver
    • Material: Magnet, Alloy
    • Features: Magnetic Acupuncture Therapy, Health Promotion, Modern Technology
    • Power: 1x AA Battery (Not Included)
    • Package Includes: 1x Ultimate Acupuncture Massage Pen, 1x Traditional Acupuncture Head, 1x Node Point Massage Head, 1x Facial Beauty Head, 2x Massage Gel, 1x User Manual