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Ultimate Bliss Coccyx Lumbar Support Seat Cushion Set

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Ultimate Bliss Coccyx Lumbar Support Seat Cushion Set

£48.97 £97.94 saving £48.97
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We have created for you The Ultimate Seat Cushion & Lumbar Support Set, both work in harmony to alleviate any pain while providing you with ultimate comfort. Whether you are using for the office, at home or in the car, this Seat Cushion and Lumbar Support Set will allow you to sit for hours on end without any discomfort issues.

This premium quality cushion set is ergonomically designed with a contoured shape to allow you to place it anywhere in the chair for back pain relief and posture improvement. You can take this set with you anywhere you go for comfort during long trips. The U-Shaped design of the Lumbar Support helps to relieve pressure on the spine and tailbone. The Seat Cushion is designed with special contours to support the legs at the front and the coccygeal vertebra at the back of the seat.

Ergonomic 3D Design : Fits curvature of the spine to relive pressure and optimise comfort over long periods of sitting.

High Quality Thick Memory Foam: Thick slow rebound memory foam for optimal support.

Non-Slip Bottom/Adjustable Straps: The Seat Cushion also comes with a handy carrying handle and a non-slip bottom. The Lumbar Support additionally has adjustable elastic straps to fit most chairs.

Pain Relief & Optimal Comfort: The Seat Cushion helps prevent pressure on your coccyx, whilst the Lumbar Support supports your lower back's natural curve. Together, they help correct any slouching and promotes a healthy posture.

Premium Quality Materials: Both Cushions are made with 100% premium-quality memory foam and washable covers. The Lumbar Support is encased in 3D ventilated mesh cover and the seat cushion is inside a soft, velour cover.

Light & Portable: Being lightweight and portable makes our Set the perfect travel companion. Providing you with optimal comfort wherever you go.

Upgraded Model: The Upgraded Model includes our special Bamboo Charcoal Memory Foam which provides even more support. It has a finer, more porous structure with a strong absorption capacity and odour resistance qualities.

Advanced Model: The Advanced Model in addition to our special Bamboo Charcoal Memory Foam, also includes a Magnetic Cloth Lining which has been shown in scientific studies to adjust various unbalanced or abnormal bio-magnetic functional states within the human body to improve overall health.

Experience Blissful Comfort & Pain Relief With The Ultimate Bliss Lumbar Support Seat Cushion Set!



  • Padding Material: Slow Rebound Memory Foam, Bamboo Charcoal Memory Foam
  • External Pillowcase: 3D Air Layer Fabric, Magnetic Cloth or Mesh Cloth
  • Weight: 800g (Seat Cushion), 800g (Lumbar Support)
  • Size: 43 x 33 x 10cm (Seat Cushion), 45 x 37 x 10 cm (Lumbar Support)
  • Use: Office, Home, Driving, Wheelchair