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Ultimate EMS Pain Relief Foot Massage Mat OFFER

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Ultimate EMS Pain Relief Foot Massage Mat OFFER

£32.87 £65.74 saving £32.87
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This Ultimate High-Tech EMS Foot Massage Mat offers different treatment modes and intensity for your feet and body. Utilising low frequency pulse technology (EPS / EMS) for foot, ankle, Achilles tendon and calf muscle massage, to promote blood circulation, pain relief and total feet relaxation.

Quickly and effectively massage the soles of your feet via EMS technology for pain relief and relaxation. This EMS Massage Mat can help to promote blood circulation in the feet and aid sleep. It can also help to reduce ankle injuries and stretch the achilles tendon to help prevent the tendon from tearing.

    9 Intensities & 6 Massage Modes: With 10 levels of adjustable intensity and 6 vibration modes designed to directly stimulate the feet acupuncture points. This technology can quickly relieve soreness in the feet, slow down physical and mental fatigue, and even improve sleep. 25 minutes is the pre-set time for treatments, after 25mins, the device will automatically shut off.

      Foldable Design: Different from the traditional heavy foot massage devices, this EMS Massage Mat is specially designed to be portable, foldable and easy to carry. Allowing you to have your feet massage treatment no matter where you are. It is lightweight, foldable, and easy to carry anywhere.

      Quiet Operation & Easy To Clean: This EMS Massage Mat is made of premium soft leather composite material original used for Yoga mats. It can be dried with a wet towel after use. It is quiet and produces no noise, so can be used at night, when watching TV, reading, working in the office or simply just relaxing. This device is also suitable for all foot types and different foot sizes.

      Widely Applicable: CE, ROHS, FCC and FDA Approved. This device is especially suitable for travellers, middle-aged or elderly people, office crowds and women who often wear high heels etc. Relax your feet on a busy day and eliminate accumulated fatigue. It is also the perfect gift for friends.



      • Size: 31 x 30 cm / 12.2" x 11.8" Inches
      • Weight: 145g
      • Power: 2xAAA Battery (Not Included)
      • Foot Pad Size: 31 x 31 cm
      • Features: Magnetic Therapy, Vibration Massage, Heat Acupuncture Therapy, Infrared Lay Therapy, Built-In Silver Paste Conduction System
      • Colour: Black
      • Package Includes: 1x EMS Massage Mat, 1x User Manual