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Ultimate Foot Massage Reflexology Slippers OFFER

£32.87 £91.20 saving £58.33
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Ultimate Foot Massage Reflexology Slippers OFFER

£32.87 £91.20 saving £58.33
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These Ultimate Foot Massage Reflexology Slippers are specially designed using the discipline of Reflexology in order to massage your feet while you are walking, helping to relieve tight muscles, nerves and discomfort. 

Regular usage of these Massage Slippers will aid relaxation, release pressure and any tension of the feet, thus eliminating fatigue, and also stimulate specific reflexology pressure points to stimulate and heal other areas of the body and organs.

- Revitalise & Energise your body walking with these Ultimate Foot Massage Reflexology Slippers designed with rotary pressure points.

- Improve Your Blood Circulation and the function of the endocrine system, relaxing your muscles, relieving fatigue, eliminating toxins, strengthening the metabolism and calming nervous tension are just some of the many benefits from using these Reflexology Slippers.

- The Therapeutic Technique is based on the stimulation of the reflex zones on the foot based on acupressure points.

- The Special Reflexology Design applies pressure to certain areas of the foot in a specific way to extend the benefits to other body parts and organs. 



1. Strong Antibiotic Effect: Nano-Silver Material is intermixed and activated when the spring raises, enabling this product to have deodorisation and antiseptic properties.

2. Strong Healing Benefits: When used fifteen minutes per day, it can mitigate problems of swelling or oedema of the feet. You can use the product after you wake up, after your bath or in office when you want to relax.

3. Some users may experience discomfort on first use while walking but this will gradually feel much better and means the massage effects are working. 



Material: Ethylene-Vinyl Acetate & Wood
Type: Reflexology
Design: 82pc Specially Arranged Massage Points