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Ultimate Resistance Band Complete Package - 11pc Set

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Ultimate Resistance Band Complete Package - 11pc Set

£29.87 £59.74 saving £29.87
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We Have Created For You The Ultimate At-Home Workout Resistance Band Package. This complete package will allow you to do your training anywhere no matter what circumstances, with adjustable resistance from 4.5kg to 45kg. 

This workout set will be your personal and portable gym to take your training to the next level faster and more effectively, whenever and wherever you are.

A Versatile Package: Whether you are a beginner or an expert exercise enthusiast looking for an effective workout, this versatile set will enable you to do a range of exercises to work on all your muscle groups, anytime and any place.

Carrying Case: The whole set conveniently fits into our custom carrying bag so that you can easily bring your workouts wherever you go.

Adjustable Weight 4.5kg to 45kg: Depending on what muscle group you are working on, our 11pc set allows you to adjust the weight from a range of 4.5kg to 45kg simply by adding more bands to your foam handles.

Suitable For Any Fitness Level: Coaches can use our resistance bands to create effective fitness and weight loss programs for their client. Whether you are a beginner or an expert, these 5 fitness bands can fully meet your training needs.

100% Latex: Brand new bands made of 100% natural latex which has a perfect junction to the metal hooks. Each band is double layered and carefully constructed to provide maximum resistance.

Work Out Easily with our Ultimate Resistance Band Complete Set!


Package Includes:

- 2 Soft Foam Handles

- 2 Ankle Straps

- 1 Door Anchor

- 4.5kg Band (Yellow)

- 6.8kg Band (Red)

- 9.1kg Band (Green)

- 11.3kg (Blue)

- 13.6kg Band (Black)

- Carrying Case



  • Main Fabric: 100% Natural Latex
  • Weight: 0.6kg
  • Length: 1200mm
  • Application/Type: Pulling Rope For Fitness & Exercise