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Ultimate Tangle Free Ball Bearing Steel Jump Rope

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Ultimate Tangle Free Ball Bearing Steel Jump Rope

£27.24 £54.48 saving £27.24
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Take your workout out the next level with the Ultimate Tangle Free Ball Bearing Steel Jump Rope. You can make it heavier or lighter, and you can even change the length of the rope. Helping you to exert more energy and build muscle.

The Ultimate Tool to improve your strength and exercise or physical fitness training. Appropriate for any calorie burning workout program.

    Smooth & Very Fast - The ball bearing skipping rope system avoids twisting, winding, or bending like other fitness ropes, ensuring stable and easy rotation. Our skipping rope can withstand heavy loads, bringing you the perfect skipping rope exercise method and providing the best fluency for elite fitness professionals and general users.

    Foam Handle Cushions - A comfortable skipping rope foam handle for a longer and durable life cycle improving performance with the groove handle cushions. Perform your best when your comfortable with the augmented handle cushions. The ergonomic handle surface is coated with 6-inch EVA memory foam for a comfortable hold!

    Light & Tangle Free - Our high quality thicker heavier rope allows for a smooth rotation & the ball bearings in the handles ensure a tangle free jumping experience. Constructed with anti-slip light weight ergonomically shaped handles coated with soft skin-friendly grips for extra comfort.

    Adjustable Length - This adjustable skipping rope can be quickly and easily adjusted from to the required length in a few minutes, suitable for just all ages, but everyone such as adults, men, women, children, boys, girls & fitness professionals of all levels.

    Perfect For - Fitness Workouts, Cardio Training, Jumping Exercise, Cross Fit, Skipping, MMA, Boxing, Speed Training, Calves/Thigh/Forearm Strengthening, Leg Training, Endurance Training.

    Compact & Lightweight - Makes it easy to achieve maximum fat burn, tone your muscles and reach peak fitness anywhere.

    PVC Embedded Wire Rope - Braided wire rope is coated with durable and smooth PVC. It also ensures fast jump rope speed and the longest service life. It will also avoid cracking or breaking.

    Benefits - A great workout accessory to improve stamina and up intensity training for sports, fitness training and general exercise. Skip before, during or after a workout to increase heart rate and burn those extra calories. Can Use anywhere, anytime at the gym, home or even on lunch breaks if you really are short on time.



    • Type: Jump Rope
    • Material: PP + PVC+ Sponge + Steel Wire
    • Colour: Black, Red, Blue, Green
    • Rope Size: About 3m
    • Handle Length: About 16cm
    • Rope diameter: About 5mm


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