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Ultimate Thick Platform Anti-Slip Summer Slippers OFFER

£29.87 £59.74 saving £29.87
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Ultimate Thick Platform Anti-Slip Summer Slippers OFFER

£29.87 £59.74 saving £29.87
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These Ultimate Thick Platform Anti-Slip Summer Slippers are super stylish and super comfy! The only shoes you will ever need this summer. Wear them outdoors, on the beach or simply at home. These multi-purpose slippers will be the only shoes you will be wearing all summer.

High Quality Materials: Select high-quality EVA foam construction. Comfortable and well made high quality unisex sliders. Breathable, flexible and stylish.

Durable & Anti-Skid Thick Rubber Sole: The light-weight and durable rubber sole makes these open toe slippers perfect for indoor and outdoor use. Each of your steps will become steadier with the slip-resistant texture on the bottom of the shoes.

Thickened Soft Sole: The sole is a 4.5 cm thickened sole creating a raising effect twice that of an ordinary sole, thus giving your feet ultimate comfort and pain relief.

Ergonomic Design: The specially engineered design of the shoe, such as the hollow foot bed effectively supports the foot, fits the curve of the foot, and eases any tiredness or aches of the foot while walking.

Flexible Material: The special EVA material can be folded and twisted at will, and also restored back to shape easily by releasing it.

Suspension Design: By utilising about 15° forward tilt design, with forwards and backwards shock absorption, both will help to reduce foot walking stress. These non-slip rubber soles are soft and flexible while providing optimal support.

Soft Walking Experience: Ultra-Soft Slippers are designed with a thick, solid, lightweight sole that makes no sound while walking. The super thick EVA foam moulds to your feet for the perfect fit. It drastically reduces foot pressure while walking and standing.

Durable & Wear Resistant: The special materials used to make these sliders allow them to be very durable and long-lasting for many years to come.



Foot length 22-23 cm = EU 34/35

Foot length 23-24 cm = EU 36/37

Foot length 24-25 cm = EU 38/39

Foot length 25-26 cm = EU 40/41

Foot length 26-27 cm = EU 42/43

Foot length 27-28 cm = EU 44/45